Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math are EVERYWHERE!

Even in fun experiences like Roller Skating! That’s why Stardust 2 Skate Center is pleased to announce our partnership with United Skates of America to provide a unique education experience through our STEM adventure field trips!

Your students will be provided with ONE HOUR of STEM education, followed by two hours of physical fitness through roller skating at which time they can put into action the physics, math, or health lessons they learned during the lesson. Your STEM field trip is a private event exclusively for your school only!

Elementary School STEM LESSONS

Students will learn about the parts of a roller skate/ inline skate and how each part functions to make the skate. They will discuss how surfaces in the rink are made of different materials and how that affects the skate in motion. Students will have a chance to showcase their creativity and design a new feature for a skate.

Topics like: Geometry, Friction, Reverse Engineering, Design

Students will get an introduction into the physics of roller skating by discussing the four parameters of motion. Students will answer an open-ended question by inventing their own skate designs.

Topics Like: Motion, Physics, Design

Students will learn how to count using the beats of the music played in a roller rink and will learn how the type of music affects the speed of the skater. Fourth and fifth graders will also learn how to control the speed of skaters using the beat of the music.

Topics Like: Sound Waves, Beats per Minute, Frequency

Students will explore how sound waves look and how they travel through different mediums. They will discuss sounds that related to the roller skating rink including the differentiation in speaker pitch and tones.

Topics Like: Sound Waves, Doppler Effect, Sound System Design

Students will learn about the speed of light and how light travels.Students will learn the exciting effects of light and the use of reflection and refraction.

Topics Like: Electromagnetic Spectrum, The Speed of Light, Light Waves

Students will learn about basic human biology and how the body works from the inside out. Students will focus on heart related anatomy, nutrition, and exercise. Students will have fun exploring through heart healthy activities, such as finding and calculating an average heart rate. Students will also learn about the importance of making heart healthy food choices by identifying and understanding nutritional labels and facts.

Topics Like: Basic Anatomy, Heart Health, Calculating and Average, Labeling a Graph

Students will learn how math concepts can be found all over the skating rink. Students will measure and calculate the speed of a skater, use mean, median and mode to talk about skate sizes, and study all of the shapes that can be found in a skating rink.

Topics Like: Mean, Median, and Mode, Geometry, Calculating Speed

Students will learn about Newton’s three laws, how they relate to real world experience and roller skating. They will learn how force and mass play a large role in motion and construct a balloon rocket.

Topics Like: Motion, Inertia, Force

Students will learn how STEM plays a very large part in sports, specifically roller and ice hockey. They will learn how three different kinds of motion can make a difference in the outcome of the game. They will also learn how roller skates and inline skates used in roller and ice hockey work.

Topics Like: Physics, Force, Potential Energy and Motion

Students will learn about the science, math and engineering of arcade games at the rink. They will measure the reaction time, calculate the probability of simple games and create an electric circuit.

Topics Like: Reaction Time, Probability, Engineering Through Game Design, and Electric Circuits

Middle and High School Lessons Also Available!

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